Media Innovation Creates Collaborative Pathway for Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising Students at Southern Oregon University

Calling all aspiring media, marketing, and tech industry professionals in Southern Oregon and beyond! In Fall 2023, the Communication, Media & Cinema program at SOU is launching a new BA/BS degree in Media Innovation.

Geared toward students seeking careers in digital marketing, professional media, and strategic communication, the degree replaces the current Social Media & Public Engagement concentration offered by the CMC program, creating new pathways for current and future SOU students.

Four students place photographs and sticky note comments on a classroom wall
Students build up audience profiles using methods of Design Thinking in SOU’s evolving media curriculum

“Media Innovation is the next big transformation in the way we help students learn to make a powerful, visible mark in the audiences and communities they care about,” said Erik Palmer, SOU’s founding professor of Media Innovation. “Our curriculum responds to the dynamic pace of media, marketing and high tech professions, promoting creativity, intellectual agility and strategic savvy.”

Courses in the major combine the study of traditional media production skills such as writing and photography with contemporary industry practices including analytics, content strategy, and design thinking.

Courses also provide hands-on experience in project management and group collaboration, preparing learners for the real experience of the fast-paced world of professional media production and technology.

“The Media Innovation degree differs from old-fashioned curricula in media professions with its focus on creativity and entrepreneurship,” said Dr. Palmer. “In addition to creating content, students work collaboratively to develop entrepreneurial solutions to real-world challenges, and take on personal creative projects that strengthen professional portfolios.”

Story by Ripley Pierotti, Community Manager for the Communication, Media & Cinema Program at Southern Oregon University.



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