CMC Faculty Lead The Way at Southern Oregon’s Women’s Leadership Conference in 2022

Southern Oregon University professors Alena Ruggerio and Precious Yamaguchi will both take the stage for the Women’s Leadership Conference on May 13 at the Ashland Springs Hotel.

Graphic with three photos and text: Women’s Leadership Conference/Unstoppable: Overcoming Barriers to your Success

Ruggerio will lead a session on Communication Strategies to Break Through Communication Barriers, while Yamaguchi will join local community leaders Julie Gillis and Anyania Muse for a panel discussion introducing the City of Ashland Social Equity and Racial Justice Commission.

In Ruggerio’s session, attendees will learn communication strategies for breaking barriers devised by 20 diverse women leaders, including African-American musician Lizzo, Portuguese artist Joanna Vasconcelos, disability activist Vilissa Thompson, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Relying on Ruggerio’s instruction of popular Southern Oregon University course COMM460A — Women Transforming Language, her session will help participants identify which communication tools they can use to make their own change, transform injustice, and practice leadership in breaking through barriers in their own lives.

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