Build Your Film & Video Skills with Digital Cinema Micro-Credentials at Southern Oregon University

Interested in a career in the film industry? Want to get hands-on experience, but don’t know where to start? SOU now offers five micro-credentials in Digital Cinema, each covering a specialized area of technical and creative study for professional storytellers.

Digital Cinema micro-credentials allow students to develop and demonstrate their competency in specific fields related to film development, production, and management. Students also learn valuable skills in professional collaboration and problem-solving to prepare for successful careers in the media.

Film student holds clap board in front of actor in studio while camera operator and cinematographer look on.
Digital Cinema micro-credentials give students hands-on experience in film & video production

“These days, creating or helping create rich media is an expected part of so many marketing jobs or small businesses,” Lucas said. “We really felt like we needed some way for anybody — on or off campus — to get up to speed with these skills — and that’s what a micro-credential offers.”

The Cinema Production Technology micro-credential focuses on developing students’ sound recording, videography, and non-linear editing skills. In addition to the course requirements, students will submit a portfolio showcasing their range of essential media production capabilities. This micro-credential is targeted toward students interested in securing entry-level work in broadcast news and video production. It is also a valuable tool for students looking to supplement graduate applications to MFA programs in film production or similar programs.

The Set Skills for Media Production micro-credential is a 12-credit immersive learning experience that prepares students for production assistant work on professional film and television sets. Instead of sitting in a classroom, students will hone and demonstrate their skills in an environment that emulates a film production set. Tasks include applying for a crew member position, producing and organizing a short film, and collaborating with team members, mentors, and faculty.

For students who aspire to careers in film development or marketing, the Film Business & Management micro-credential gives students the chance to demonstrate their ability to develop and produce films and create marketing strategies for film and entertainment. Students will complete tasks such as scouting locations, organizing shooting schedules, and conducting market research to inform their promotional strategy in distribution and advertising. This badge provides a solid foundation for students who aspire to careers in project management and production.

Aspiring screenwriter? The Story Development for Screenwriting micro-credential is a great way to establish the skills necessary to develop stories for film and television. The badge, which can also be completed as part of an undergraduate degree, gives students a head-start in their future screenwriting careers. To complete the badge, students will produce a portfolio of screenwriting work samples.

The Broadcast News Production micro-credential covers the core technical skills and knowledge required to work in digital journalism, specifically news programming and local television. In addition, students are tasked with completing reporting and production projects suitable for television and studio broadcasting.

“Making media content is fun, and most people have the basic tools in their pockets,” said Assistant Professor Chris Lucas, the program coordinator for Digital Cinema in the Communication, Media & Cinema program at SOU. “Our micro-credentials give everyone the opportunity to step up in their skills and find a way to stand out from the crowd.”

Sometimes called badges, micro-credentials help validate a student’s competency in a specific area of study, and are open to anyone who wants to enhance their skills in the indicated area, not just degree-seeking students at SOU.

Micro-credentials are often also a “stackable” experience, allowing students to combine these credentials to earn degrees or certificates. Micro-credentials typically involve completion of 3–4 courses. If you’ve completed your micro-credential requirements, you can apply to receive your badge via application links on the micro-credential pages at

Story by Ripley Pierotti, Community Manager for the Communication, Media & Cinema Program at Southern Oregon University. Photo by Avery Jackson.



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